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  • SED and Skills Development

    Triple C Engineering realises the growing need for skills development in our country. We have aligned ourselves with the National Development Plan in an effort to address youth unemployment through our social economic development & responsibility efforts. We take pride in knowing that our support to Oliver’s House and partnership with Atvance Academy (Pty) Ltd significantly impacts the communities of Ekhuruleni, affording opportunities to gain skills and experience that collectively have the power to move our economy forward.


    Atvance Academy

    We currently contribute towards the study programmes for 80 students in collaboration with the Atvance Academy (Pty) Ltd. Through this partnership, our aim is to:

    • build a work-ready labour force – integrating work-ready young people into the working environment as skilled workers;
    • increase corporate social responsibilityproviding free accredited training for qualifying students who do not have access to further education channels, in order to steer them towards SAQA-accredited qualifications;
    • contribute to socio-economic relief – increasing the potential for employment and future work prospects by educating and upskilling of unemployed South African youth.

    Oliver’s House

    We are a proud supporter of Oliver’s House. Oliver’s House was established in 2001 to assist the disadvantaged people of the Zenzele Informal Settlement and neighbouring communities, by providing educational, early childhood development and other social services.

    The mission of Oliver’s House is to:

    • inspire the disadvantaged by providing and creating a caring and stimulating environment;
    • empower the youth in establishing and following through on commitments;
    • expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities;
    • surround young people in a caring and inclusive learning environment;
    • add value to our community by being an effective and efficient non-profit organisation.

    The entire village is designed to be an eco-friendly, self-sustaining community. Oliver’s Village is totally off the grid, relying on renewable energy such as solar power, harvested rainwater and biogas. To date a number of facilities have been completed.

    These include:

    • Education centre
    • Early childhood development centre
    • Computer training centre
    • Photo-voltaic station and biogas digester
    • Community vegetable garden
    • Fruit orchard and vegetable farm
    • Soup kitchen


    • The Early Childhood Development Centre caters for up to 120 children between the ages of 2 and 5 and is managed by 8 full-time staff members.
    • The Computer Training Centre can teach 30 students at a time. Each course is six weeks long and is accredited with the MICT SETA. The centre is currently being expanded to accommodate a further 30 students.
    • The Education Centre focuses on Grade 12 maths and science.
    • The Soup Kitchen feeds approximately 300 beneficiaries per day, where each beneficiary is given one wholesome meal a day.
    • The Community Vegetable Garden has trained more than 20 beneficiaries per grow season in how to manage and maintain a vegetable garden. Beneficiaries can then use these skills to create their own gardens at their homes, improving their food security.
    • iCollege is an educational project run by iCollege and Futurebox. The facility is made up of four converted 12-metre-long containers, comprising two classrooms that can accommodate a total of 80 learners.
    • The Community Flea Market serves as a central point where beneficiaries can sell any goods and products they may have and so earn an income. The flea market will also allow Oliver’s Village to sell its wares and earn an income.

    For more information, visit the Oliver’s House website.